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Media in Zimbabwe is under siege. What was once a vibrant and professional industry is hampered by repressive media laws, self-censorship, low revenue and lack of qualified journalists.

Zimbabwe pinapple 2013 A majority of the media are politicized and polarised and to a large extent fail to report on issues relevant for the day-to-day life. Not least for ordinary people in rural areas.

There are however signs of reforms and several opportunities for change. Having been engaged in media support in Zimbabwe since 2008, Fojo manages the Sida funded Swedish Media Development Programme in Zimbabwe since 2012. The programme aims to contribute to increased freedom of expression and a professional and independent media sector, serving democracy, human rights and development in Zimbabwe.

Fojo partners with a wide range of organizations contributing to the objectives in different ways, including the Federation of African Media Women Zimbabwe, working for gender equality in the media; the cultural activist network Magamba, using new media and satire to increase young people's freedom of expression and access to information; MISA-Zimbabwe, a freedom of expression and media freedom lobby organization advocating e.g. for law reforms; the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe which is a media self regulatory body established by media houses and journalists; and the Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations, strengthening community radio initiatives for enhanced community participation in democratic processes.

If you want some joy - watch here at Zambezi News, the satirical comedy series that has taken Zimbabwe and abroad by storm. 

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@fergb Hi. Coming to London 25-26 Sep. Setting up fact checking hub in Sweden. Would like to meet you. Do you have time?

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