Eye on Corruption Global Network Project, phase II

• Partners: Fojo, ARIJ and Eye on Corruption
• Project time: May 2016 – April 2017
• Funder: The Swedish Institute

With the support from the Swedish Institute, Fojo and the Eye on Corruption are working together to improve investigative journalism focusing on transborder corruption in the MENA-region.

The second phase of the Eye on Corruption Global Network project (2016-2017) is up and running and together with our partner Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) and leading members from the Eye on Corruption Sweden (Nils Resare, Carolina Jemsby and Emanuel Sidea from Blank Spot) we are strengthening the anti-corruption network, connecting investigative journalists in the region as well as pushing for greater involvement from female investigative journalists in the MENA-region.

Activities to date involves educational webinars with selected investigative journalists from nine MENA countries (Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Palestine and Yemen), network gatherings/workshops as well as focused work with an investigative case in the MENA-region. The project also contains a strong learning/mentoring component, where investigative journalists from Eye of Corruption Sweden meet investigative journalists from the MENA-region to work and earn together, share information and develop knowledge and user skills of tools to uncover corruption.

Eye on Corruption is an organisation that was established in 2013 by leading Swedish investigative journalists, specializing in covering corruption. In 2014 Eye on Corruption and Fojo joined hands and set up the Eye on Corruption Global Network. The establishment of the network (the first project phase 2014-2015) was also supported by the Swedish Institute with the aim to uncover global corruption and push for accountability.

Presently Eye on Corruption Global Network have members/partners from the following countries: Sweden, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia and Jordan.

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