Investigative Journalism Partnership in Bangladesh

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MRDI and Fojo Media Institute invite interested media houses to apply for support from the new Investigative Journalism Partnership (IJP) mechanism. The Investigative Journalism Partnership is dedicated to improving the scope and overall quality of independent investigative reporting in Bangladesh. The call is open 16th May-8th June 2017.

Our offer to successful applicants is to provide expertise and other resources in the production of quality investigative journalism and to develop new formats for investigative journalism.

The IJP is part of a five-year project jointly implemented by Fojo Media Institute and MRDI. Between 2017 and 2020 there will be calls at least twice a year. The next call is planned for October 2017 and will also be open to groups of independent journalists.

Who can apply?
• Media houses with a proven track record of publishing quality journalism, who have access to publishing platforms reaching a reasonably large audience in Bangladesh.

Groups of independent journalists will be able to seek support in the following calls for partners, the first call is open for media houses only.

Successful applicants who will receive support through the IJP need to ensure that the project will result in quality investigative journalism being published, on either TV, print, on-line; or any other platforms.

Applications that broaden the concept of Investigative journalism are encouraged, both in regards to content and who is involved in the production process. Applicants are expected to contribute to the partnership with staff, premises and equipment.

What can we support?
The IJP offers to support the production of quality investigative stories and to develop new formats for investigative journalism, based on the needs of the applicant. Examples of this could include, but are not limited to:
• support through well-known journalist and editors from Bangladesh or abroad, who can do in-house training or joining the investigative journalism team and act as co-producers
• help develop investigative journalism ideas
• strengthen research methods
• sharpen the editorial team in interviewing techniques
• strengthen the safety and security for investigative journalism
• link to international networks and collaborations
• data based research or other methods needed for quality investigative journalism.
• support to reimburse some costs related to researching and presenting investigative stories.

What will we not support?
• we will not transfer cash to any applicants
• we will not pay salaries
• we will not support conferences or academic studies and research

How to apply?
The deadline for the first call is 8th of June .
• Download the 2-page easy-to-fill in application from
• A help-desk is set up, to assist interested applicants on how to plan the project and fill in the form.
• The applications should be sent to Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den. Print version can be .sent to MRDI, 8/19 Sir Syed Road (3rd floor), Block A, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207
• No information about the content in the applications will be disclosed outside the project team consisting of senior staff at MRDI and Fojo Media Institute.

How does the help desk work?
Between the 16th May and 8th June our helpdesk is open to answer questions about the process and the IJP mechanism, to give support regarding project planning and how to fill in the application form. We also offer individual sessions to discuss your ideas and assess the needs in order to make them reality.

Contact for an appointment:
Hasibur Rahman
, Executive Director, MRDI,
Cell: +88 01819200500
Email: Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.

Sofia Hultqvist, Project Manager Bangladesh Fojo Media Institute,
Cell: +88 01719746197
Email: Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.

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