Global Engagement

Fojo Media Institute engages at global, regional, national, local and hyperlocal level.
Globally, Fojo engages in policy discussions and participates in global events, conferences and associations. As a member of the Global Media Development Forum (GDMF), we push issues related to freedom of expression and media freedom jointly with our partners. Among other activities, GMDF advocated strongly to ensure that access to information became part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals – and succeeded to have access of information specially mentioned in SDG 16:10.
In 2016, Fojo Media Institute arranged the global celebration of the 250th anniversary of the Swedish Freedom of Information Act, jointly with the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Swedish Institute and the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO. In 2017, Fojo contributed to the UN Secretary-General’s report on Safety of Journalists, assisting with our specific knowledge on online hate speech and threats, particularly against women journalists.
As the leading Swedish actor in international media development, Fojo is frequently approached by ministries, Embassies and Sida on global trends and on how free, independent and professional media can link up with other positive development processes.