Aspiring photojournalists in workshop for powerful storytelling

MM 1YPF 1Twenty-two aspiring photojournalists expanded their capacity for powerful storytelling at a workshop held in southern Myanmar this December. The participants arrived with varying levels of experience, including some who were completely new to photojournalism, but by the end of the workshop, each had created a moving photo story documenting child labour in and around the city of Mawlamyine, the capital of Mon State.

Women in Zimbabwe commemorated the 250th anniversary of the Swedish Press Act

ZIM IMG 1244 1Maria Selin, Head of Development Cooperation for the Embassy of Sweden in Harare gave a brief background about the first Freedom of Expression Act, which was enacted in Sweden 250 years ago on 2 December.Women at the frontline of journalism in Zimbabwe commemorated the 250th anniversary of the Swedish Press Act – the first in the world - by sharing testimonies about the challenges they have faced while staying the course in their media careers.

The event was organised by Gender and Media Connect (GMC), Fojo Media Institute and the Swedish Embassy in Harare.

Jessikka Aro - an investigative journalist that became target of Russian trolls

Jessikka Aro, a Finnish investigative journalist subjected to threats, harassment and demonstrations since she reported the role of Russian internet trolls in Finland. The events led to that 22 Finnish editors signed a petition against rogue, xenophobic and unreliable media.

She participated in the seminar "Hatred and threats against women journalists" December 2. You can read more here about both Jessikkas story about the campaigns against her and other testimonies on what journalists are exposed, as well as on efforts to stdöja freedom of expression around the world.

Aleppo map

Secure safe passage for all media workers wishing to leave Aleppo

As the Syrian and Russian government forces are taking over territories within the city of Aleppo, International Media Support (IMS), Fojo and other international media assistance NGOs and press freedom organisations call on all parties of the conflict to ensure that steps are taken to safeguard the lives of media workers living and working in Aleppo and those media workers choosing to leave the city.

Women in Somali Media

In connection with the celebration of the 250th anniversary of Sweden’s – and the world’s – first Press Act, the ’Women in Somali Media’ event was organized in Mogadishu by the Swedish Embassy, Fojo, IMS and UN Women Somalia.

A surprise visit by the Minister for International Development Cooperation Isabella Lövin emphasized the importance of these issues for Sweden and Swedish aid.

"You can use your pen, you can use your microphone, you can use you camera to make a real big difference. But at a certain point you should not only be the one that reflect and tell the stories, but you also actually want to change the stories and that is where I came into democracy. The media is a powerful institution in any democracy, so your responsibility is a big as the politicians at this point of history of Somalia," said Isabella Lövin.

Jordanians on study tour in media self-regulation organized by Fojo & UNESCO

A Jordanian delegation are on a study tour on media self-regulation, visiting Sweden, Denmark, and the UK.
The group of ten senior members of media, government and civil society are to meet with self-regulatory bodies, leading media organisations, public service broadcasters, journalists’ unions and government officials and media experts.

The basic idea is for the participants to be exposed to three countries and media landscapes where self-regulation is practised, but where the countries offer different models and experiences from implementing the concept of self-regulation.

Changing Society Through Journalism

ZIM Harry Davies Media Professionalism Awards 2016 WinnerHarry Davies from Harare News, the Media Professionalism Awards 2016 Winner. Photo: VMCZ”The power of journalism creates some positive change in society. I hope that my stories had an impact, other than just as an award. I hope that in two or three years I am not writing about the same issues,” said Harry Davies, the 2016 winner of the Media and Professionalism Award in Zimbabwe.

The award is accorded by the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ), one of Fojo’s partner organisations under the Swedish Zimbabwe Media Development Programme. The awards event was held on 24 November 2016.

Some events from the seminar 2 december

Gruppbild semiarietWe were told many gruesome strong stories and got testimonies of hatred, intimidation and harassment by the female journalists that participated.
The seminar showed the power of journalism and its importance for democracy.
Afterwards, the participants gathered at the scene.

Read more about the seminar and on December 2 declaration here.

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